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Letošní sezóna začíná 22. března 2024.

About Humprecht

The castle was built by the Italian architect Carlo Lurago in the years 1666 - 1668 as a summer and hunting castle for Count Humprecht Jan Czernin of Chudenice. The building was build in the early Baroque style with elements of the late Renaissance and Mannerism. In 1678, the castle was struck by a lightning several times and Humprecht burned down. Within two years, it was repaired, increased by one floor and it can be said that from 1680 until today it has existed in almost the same form.

Humprecht is completely unmistakable by its difference from its contemporaries, predecessors and successors. The elliptical shape of its floor plan, an interesting solution for the lighting of the upper hall with a lantern and an atypical decoration of the roof top - a crescent moon - make it a unique monument that you will not confuse with any other. The fragments of history that are attached to the castle are also interesting.

Suitable for

Entrance with a dog

You can go to our castle with your dog. If no one is trying to tour.


Families with children

Short tours are prepared for small children.

(If there are enough guides)


Cyclists, strollers, etc.

We are happy to look after your bike, scooter or pram at the box office.

What you will see with us

Acoustic hall

The acoustic hall is 16 meters high, the echo lasts 6-8 seconds and is the only one of its kind in Central Europe.

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od 23. března 2024

Opening hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: closed
Friday: closed
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

Public holidays: closed

Zámek: Opening Times
Entrance and sightseeing tours

Castle tour

A tour of the newly renovated rooms, the tour goes through the renovated ground floor. You can look forward to a black kitchen, banquet hall, libraries, etc. (duration of the tour about 25 minutes).

Prohlídka přízemí, prvního patra, vyhlídkového ochozu,
expozice Lovectví ve druhém poschodí a věže zámku.

Délka trvání prohlídky cca 75 minut.

Castle balcony

You will go around the observation balcony on the 2nd floor of the castle at a height of 13 meters. There you will be able to see all the dominants of the Bohemian Paradise.

Vyhlídkový okruh do místnosti pod střechou s půlměsícem
pohledem do historického krovu střechy a vyhlídkou do okolí

Délka trvání prohlídky cca 25 minut.

Nová expozice ve druhém poschodí zámku.

Délka trvání prohlídky cca 25 minut.

Zámek: Admission
Where can you find us?

Castle: Sobotka 363, 507 43 Sobotka, Czechia
Main car park: Sobotka car park - cemetery

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